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Ethan & Kelsey’s 100 Sq. Ft. DIY Tiny House Story

Tiny House Story

A Guest Post by Ethan – (Send us your tiny living story)

My name is Ethan, and my girlfriend Kelsey and I have been living in 100 square feet for about 6 months so far.
Our journey to tiny house living started last October when I started looking around for a trailer to build my own house on.
By November I had found a great deal ($1500 for the trailer) on and got started on the project immediately.
When December came around I had my shell built and over the next couple of months I worked on the interior. It took me around 6 months total but that was mostly due to my work schedule and only having Tuesdays to build and the weather also rained me out a couple weeks in February.

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Off Grid Tiny House in Uruguay: Living Simply on the Beach

Living Simply on the Beach

I thought you’d enjoy this off grid tiny house that’s right on the beach.
It sort of has that classic Spanish style which I like.
And it’s in an area that’s completely off the grid (surrounded by dunes).
Improvements were made by a team of builders and architect Alejandro Gonzalez.
Since there’s no electric it’s lit by candles and lanterns.
To get here you have to use a 4×4 vehicle to get through the dunes.
About eight blocks away, though, you can find a store with supplies and food.
Off Grid Tiny House on the Beach

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