Tiny House Movement Growing Because Small Spaces More Freedom?

I ran into this news segment on the Tiny House Movement by Global News 16×9 in Canada.


The episode takes you on an adventure into a few people’s lives who live very tiny lives.
And the question is, for these people, do small spaces mean more freedom?
But it’s not just that. These micro homes are also much better for the environment.
What do you small spaces- including tiny homes- mean to you?
Tiny House Movement: Small Spaces More Freedom?
jay shafer tiny house movement   Tiny House Movement Growing Because Small Spaces = More Freedom?
© 16x9onglobal
I encourage you to enjoy the rest of this article on the tiny house movement, watch the 10 minute documentary video below and see how you may even want to become a part of the small movement for freedom, too, below:

Jay Shafer of Sonoma County and Four Lights Tiny Houses
As you watch the full news segment or what I’d call a micro documentary below you’ll get to head over to Sonoma County in California and meet Jay Shafer who has been a pioneer for the tiny house movement for over a decade now.


Read more here



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