Man Converts Shed Into Mortgage-free Home for He and his Fiance

I wanted to share this story of a man who converted an old tool shed into a beautiful micro cabin for he and his fiance so they can live mortgage-free.
He took an 8′ x 12′ tool shed and added insulation, windows, sheet rock and electricity.


Since he and his fiance work a lot they really just use a 96 sq. ft. minimalist cabin to rest and sleep at night.
Man Converts Tool Shed into Debt-free Micro Home
man converts tool shed into mortgage free micro cabin 001   Man Converts Shed Into Mortgage free Home for He and his Fiance
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Learn why and how he did it in the video/interview and tour below:

Long Work Hours Means Little Time Spent at Home
Since they get up in the morning and immediately leave for work and then they come back at night to watch a movie and go right to sleep they just don’t need much.
Using Laptops and Phones for Entertainment
They don’t need a big entertainment center, either, because right now they can just watch whatever they want from their computer.
Shelving Instead of Closets
Instead of a closet they simply just use open shelving and a covered storage area underneath the bed.
Heat Source
The classic firewood stove easily heats up the place for hours on end with wood gathered from around the farm.
Clean Up Takes Just 5 Minutes!
Best of all it only takes 5 minutes to clean up the place. And since there’s no place for clutter, there just isn’t any of it!


Ethan & Kelsey’s 100 Sq. Ft. DIY Tiny House Story

Tiny House Story

A Guest Post by Ethan – (Send us your tiny living story)

My name is Ethan, and my girlfriend Kelsey and I have been living in 100 square feet for about 6 months so far.
Our journey to tiny house living started last October when I started looking around for a trailer to build my own house on.
By November I had found a great deal ($1500 for the trailer) on and got started on the project immediately.
When December came around I had my shell built and over the next couple of months I worked on the interior. It took me around 6 months total but that was mostly due to my work schedule and only having Tuesdays to build and the weather also rained me out a couple weeks in February.

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Off Grid Tiny House in Uruguay: Living Simply on the Beach

Living Simply on the Beach

I thought you’d enjoy this off grid tiny house that’s right on the beach.
It sort of has that classic Spanish style which I like.
And it’s in an area that’s completely off the grid (surrounded by dunes).
Improvements were made by a team of builders and architect Alejandro Gonzalez.
Since there’s no electric it’s lit by candles and lanterns.
To get here you have to use a 4×4 vehicle to get through the dunes.
About eight blocks away, though, you can find a store with supplies and food.
Off Grid Tiny House on the Beach

Pastor Freddie Beard

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Tony House Building and Desgning Workshop 2014



Just Added to our 2014 ALL-HANDS-ON Tiny House Building and Design Workshop in Collierville, TN, right outside Memphis….

Kent Griswold– of, and honcho behind Tiny House Magazine

AND MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED!!!! Check out this cool flyer that Kevin Fitzpatrick did….

Ar the workshop, we’ll TOUR SIX (or MORE) Tiny Houses! And BUILD Two! SPACE IS LIMITED!

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen